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Yes the Marghertia is a favourite, a classic we would never go without, but in our eyes no pizza place can go without a meat option. We were looking to put our spin on the Diavola pizza, pepperoni and chillies. We would name it the Jiawl bach, welsh for little devil. Great start, a name for the pizza but no actual ingredients.

We first tasted Trealy Farm’s award-winning charcuterie during a trip to Penylan Pantry and were instantly hooked. Such great variety with fantastic flavours but we knew straight away it had to be the spicy beef pepperoni for our Jiawl bach. Full of flavour with a little kick to it. Chuck in a few chillies and there it is the perfect combo for our Jiawl Bach.

Jiawl Bach

Jiawl Bach

Our relationship with James at Trealy Farm had begun and it didn't stop at the Jiawl bach. Beef pastrami for a New York inspired pizza or for something a little different, Sobrasada ( a spreadable chorizo) with local honey. This chorizo is so good we often get Spanish customers begging us to reveal its source. 

British charcuterie has gone through a recent salty, meaty revolution especially now with people concerned with sourcing food closer to home. It’s a wonder it has taken so long to celebrate considering the array of traditional, rare breed animals available. Its important to showcase what Wales has to offer and Trealy's extensive travelling and training has led to a range of traditional and custom made products highlighting this quality.

We spent an afternoon at their Goytre HQ to chat all things meaty and to take a look around. Greeted by off cuts of beech smoked air-dried ham and fennel salami, a sure fire way to woo the tastebuds. Having visited some of the best charcuterie in Europe along with their imagination Trealy Farm offers a truly fantastic range and its easy to see why the plaudits have come their way. Each product has a story, their knowledge fascinating and there is a dedication to providing the best meat possible. They went to great lengths and sacrificed greater profit to produce an incredible UK wild boar pancetta, whilst there’s duck salami, venison carpaccio and a cured and hot smoked range that includes products rarely made in the UK.

Their methods not only preserve the meat but also bring out the best in the flavours and is a true celebration of the best quality meat. This quality is also dependent on animal welfare and Trealy Farm prides itself on using the best – Saddleback pigs, Welsh Black, Hereford cattle (PGI Welsh Beef) and PGI Welsh Mountain Lamb. Animal welfare and food provenance are hot topics. Trealy’s beef is born, raised and slaughtered in Wales and along with the lamb are pasture fed and sourced from farms employing traditional techniques. 

Their process is relatively simple but there’s a meticulous attitude to every stage. The best curing/fermentation chambers from Germany, freshest most flavoursome spices that are stored in their very own room and fantastic knowledge gleaned from their travels. Sourcing the best to create the best charcuterie they can. This philosophy is something we adhere to. Listen to and follow tradition but give it a huge nod to Wales.

Trealy Farm Accolades: 

11 Great Taste awards 

10 True Taste awards 

BBC UK Food Producer of the Year 

Observer UK Food Producer