Brothers, rain and a new look

Its finally here. We have a website!! The baby has gone live. Huge thanks to Paul from Bwtîc for the little tweaks, last minute additions and making it happen. 

Like a bands first album there's always loads to talk about, ups and down and everything in between but we promise to keep it short. 

2016 was a mental year. We grew. Not only in terms of events and pizza makers but Smokey Pete discovered he had a brother, Sam Van Tân. Bigger, bluer and six wheels. With his help we travelled further, met more lovely people which meant twice as much fun. 

Festival frolics was a 2016 target. September saw us lodged in the Italian-styled fairytale-esque Portmeirion for Festival No.6 . Four days of apocalyptic weather and hectic days but we absolutley loved it alongside the crack team we put together. Superstars all of them.

The keen eyed amongst you would have noticed that not only do we have a new website but also a new logo. Like a great Neapolitan pizza, we've kept it simple so keep an eye out for it across the vans, our t-shirts and anything Ffwrnes related. 

After a month of self imposed hibernation and plotting the year ahead the fire was lit again for the first time last weekend. Street Food Saturdays at the Tomos & Lilford brewery and Wales vs Italy at the Depot opened our 2017 account. Locations we’ll be back throughout the year so keep a look out. 

Finally, we aim to make great pizza. Pizza has always been the food of the masses. Simple, magnificent ingredients on authentic hand-made dough. What more do you need!

Ffwrnes Pizza